Monday, 19 July 2010


My baby girl Is teething!! She is still sleeping through until morning but during the day is a little grump! I have tried everything to ease the pain from her lumpy gums, calpol, bonjela I've even tried gving her a baby tooth brush to bite on which I used for when my son was teething but nothing seems to work with KT.
With the summer being here, I have started buying icepoles during my weekly shop.NOt thinking KT could have them but for my son and his friends. KT saw JK with his and was checking it out! I soon gave her an un opened one to bite on one day when she wouldn't stop moaning and touching her gums, she stopped crying instantly!
Now everytime she is teething I reach for the ICEPOLES giving her half at a time.

A cheap teething tole which works wonders for red swollen gums!! It has also help her burst the gums for the tooth to come through!!

What have use used when baby is teething? Have you found any alternative to the over the counter products??

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