Saturday, 3 July 2010

spare time!!

SPARE TIME... whats that? Mummy of two means that i dont have alot of free time, with Jk at nursery now i have a spare few hours before i have to pick him up again. He goes in the afternoon 12.30 till 3PM and is only a 5min walk from where we live. KT goes for a nap about 1 oclock so i tend to come home and let her sleep which restricts me to the house so i find myself either doing housework or cooking.
I have started going out power walking which is great because it means that KT can have her nap in her buggy whilst i get back into shape. The walking has rewaly helped me get back into shape after havin KT and although i am far from my size 10 goal i am happy that i can now fit into my size 12 jeans again.
i have been thinking of going to a weight lose class with my friend LOU but im unsure and think that i am doing okay on my own.i quess going to the group will not only give me the suport that i need but will give me weight loss targets each week. i must admit that i am finding it hard to lose the last little bit of my "jelly belly" and walking and countless sit ups arnt really kicking it! im not a member of the gym and i refuse to pay for a membership and fitness DVDS at home well... kids running around and eastenders always seems better to watch LOL! :D
SO.. i think i will go and give it a wee bash see how i get on, meeting new people sounds good aswell and im sure there will be plenty of people with stories to tell of there weight lose journey too. WILL KEEP USE UPDATED ON HOW I GET ON!!


  1. Hiya,
    Just found your blog and I think you're doing great! I wondered which diet club you were thinking of joining. I've done some and only one got me from a size 16 to a size 10. Some are easier to do than others but u don't sound like you've much to lose. Wish I could even get near my size 12 jeans, my size 10s are still in the cupboard so I've not given up hope yet :) Good luck with the blogging. I only started this week.

  2. hey thank you for following me, well hopfully we can swap tips and stuff about blooging etc..

    was going to start slimworld, LOL! I seem to be doing great on my own though as ive lost more weight this week :) just simply by going out walking and missing out fizzy juice.
    where did you go?
    i really just need to tone up my "jelly belly" LOL there is a new craze at the moment called ZUMBA dont know if uve heard of it but it looks great :))