Thursday, 15 July 2010

new hair!!

I have just found thee most perfect way to have fab hair. . . ALWAYS!!

Being a busy mum with two kids, i find it hard to find time in the morning to get myself ready. I often just pull my hair back in a bobble and GO!!

I have always been one to wear make up, and have my hair perfect but having a 3year old and a 1year old ITS IMPOSSIABLE to look GLAM!!


looking on Ebay i found a clip in ponytail adding instant volume and glam!! it creates an instant, perfect looking ponytail. simply tie ur own hair back into a bobble and place the hair piece over your own hair when made into a bun, pull the cord to tighten, add grips to hold in place. i can be washed real easy, just with a little luke warm water and a SMALL ammount of youre fav shampoo and simple hang up to dry!!
can be worn high or low! no fuss, no mess, no hassle!!
For mummys out there that simply dont have time like i do, this product is DEFO worth buying! it will make you feel confident and will defo get heads turning LOL!! My hair is really short when tied back and doesnt have much volume but with this the transformation is amazing! Even my parnter commented on my hair for the first time EVER!!

i found this product on ebay by typing in "clip in ponytail" theres lots of diffrentcolours and styles to choose from, i chose one with curls as ive always dreamed of having nice bouncy curly hair. . . . . NOW I CAN!!

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