Tuesday, 27 July 2010

boppy nursing pillow review

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the boppy pillow has been elected "baby of the year" in America by consumers for an outstanding seven years in a row!! The stretch panel stretches to fit most waists. And with so many funky slipcover designs to choose from, you can match your nursery, home, or personal style.The pillow is uniquely designed with a recessed interior perfect for babies little bottom. Also can be used for when baby starts lying on tummy to prop themselfs up, and perfect support for when baby starts to sit up. The pillow is multi function and isnt just a "breast feeding" pillow. Its designed for maximum hygiene and saftey.

My kids are aged three and one and i breastfed both of them, My back was in agony with taking all of babies weight when feeding. . . and posture? dont even talk to me about that!!
i havent used the pillow for feeding KT as she is off bottles now but i use the pillow for when im watching tv or when sitting at my laptop and it has helped my back pain alot. Im not as stiff when im standing up after using the pillow.
When i was preg this was one item i didnt think i would need or use for a long time, and would be a waste of money but im soo wrong!! I WISH I HAD ONE SOONER!! It can be used for many years and when baby is older it can be used for a neat little seat :) KT loves it!! It came in a funky pink design and matched her princess room just nicely!
My friend is preg and i have already order one for her, its a special unique, funky gift and i know she will just love it too!!

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