Tuesday, 27 July 2010

boppy nursing pillow review

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. . . this is a sponsored post

the boppy pillow has been elected "baby of the year" in America by consumers for an outstanding seven years in a row!! The stretch panel stretches to fit most waists. And with so many funky slipcover designs to choose from, you can match your nursery, home, or personal style.The pillow is uniquely designed with a recessed interior perfect for babies little bottom. Also can be used for when baby starts lying on tummy to prop themselfs up, and perfect support for when baby starts to sit up. The pillow is multi function and isnt just a "breast feeding" pillow. Its designed for maximum hygiene and saftey.

My kids are aged three and one and i breastfed both of them, My back was in agony with taking all of babies weight when feeding. . . and posture? dont even talk to me about that!!
i havent used the pillow for feeding KT as she is off bottles now but i use the pillow for when im watching tv or when sitting at my laptop and it has helped my back pain alot. Im not as stiff when im standing up after using the pillow.
When i was preg this was one item i didnt think i would need or use for a long time, and would be a waste of money but im soo wrong!! I WISH I HAD ONE SOONER!! It can be used for many years and when baby is older it can be used for a neat little seat :) KT loves it!! It came in a funky pink design and matched her princess room just nicely!
My friend is preg and i have already order one for her, its a special unique, funky gift and i know she will just love it too!!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Method Laundry detergent. . .

. . . Another free sample!! :)

I'm fast becoming a sucker for sniffing out free samples, Lol! That's two this week!! Today I was sent some 'fresh air' Method Landry Detergent to try.
If you haven't heard of them before they are a small team of passionate people that make Eco- friendly home care products that are safe for the planet and enjoyable for people. Method isn't just about cleaning up your home and body; it's about cleaning up the way we clean. They see a World where toxic chemicals aren't necessary to make you're home spotless - there entire line of products are made with non- toxic biodegradable ingredients that clean like heck and smell like heaven.
All of there bottles are made from recycled plastic too!!

What I thought about it. . .
I'm crazy about making my house smell amazing, I have plug-INS all around my house and also secented candles dotted Round the place too, I love raining days when I can dry my clothes on the radiators and fill my house full of my lovely washing powder smell, crazy I may be... But I love my house and clothes smelling perfect! So today I tried out my new 'fresh air sample' I have to say it smells great, easy to use one hand washing! It has a pump on the top to squirt it into the drawer 4 pumps = 1 wash
I had a few of KTs bibs in there too which were covered in that awfull orangey red stain you can never get out!! Crossing my fingers I put on my mashine, hoping the new detergent would smell great and I wouldn't have to wash them again, Lol!!
Mmm.... Washing done and clothes smell FAB!! Even KTs stained bib had faded alot more than my normal detergent.
The detergent has got new smart clean technloogy that seeks out dirt and stains!! I didn't believe it untill I tried it myself, Perfect! My towels were also nice and soft and left my clothes smelling really fresh and clean.

The bottles are small but mighty! Its no bigger than a normal sized bottle of fairy liquid, great for the environment, greener 95% plant based, biodegradable formula, ultra concentrated for 35% smaller carbon footprint.

Can be bought now in tescos and sainsburys and soon coming to waitrose and homebase in august, they do have a handy store finder on there website, methodproducts.co.uk and can also sign up for there newlettwr and free samples of products too. They have a great range of products from washing powder to hand wash . Have a look and give them a try :)

Saturday, 24 July 2010

"You are what you eat"

Today I got sent some lovely free samples from the new "you are what you eat" range.

The number one healthy snacking brand, you are what you eat, has been re-launched and is back tastier and more tempting than ever before. The new Nature snacks comes in four fab flavours - two to tempt your naughty side and two to appeal to your exotic spirit, satisfying all of youre cravings.

-Nature with a hint of exotic berries
-Nature with a hint of naughty chocolate
-nature with a hint of exotic fruit & nut
-Nature with a hint of naughty yoghurt

They sent me two new flavours to try, naughty chocolate and exotic berries.

The naughty choc range is packed full of cashew nuts, golden sultanas,raisins, apricots and the piece de resistance - rich dark chocolate drops. The bag only contains 203 calories and counts as ONE of your 5 a day!!
The raisins were really juicy and the dark choc was yummy, defo a naughty lill snack.

The hint of exotic berries is packedfull of cherries, gooseberries, cranberries, crimson raisins and blueberries and with just 130 calories a pack and a trace of fat, its an exotic treat that won't ruin you're bikini diet!! Again the berries and raisins were all very juicy and sweet. I wasn't a fan of the gooseberries LOL!!

All of the new nature snacks count as one of your five a day and a priced at 89p a pack (RRP). Larger packs are also available (125g) - ideal for desk drawers, glove boxesand handbags! Nature snacks are available from retailiers nationwide, including Waitrose and asda.

Visit http://www.naturesnacks.co.uk

Thursday, 22 July 2010

What do you do?

I have always been a strong beliver in discipline and teaching my children about respect. I'm not a mummy that believes in smacking my tod when naughty.
When JK does step out of line I give him a warning and if he continues to misbehave I then put him on the time out spot for 3mins. He soon realises he was wrong and he then stops. I also have a reward chart with tasks for JK to do each day and he gets a smile for each one he does. We have rules to follow as well which we all sat down a wrote out with JKs help. He is a well behaved boy and I am always getting compliments on how good he is. Not that I'm being bias or anything, LOL!!
He does have the odd huff but never has he taken any tantrums.

My friends don't discipline there kids as much as I do and a few of them use smacking as a way of dealing with naughty Tods,I'm not saying there kids are monsters but the bad behaviour does continue. What kind of message are they giving out by smacking? And what does it achieve?
When I'm at friends house and if there tod was beig naughty and friend smacks tod when I am there I can't help but feel weird. I truly can't see the benefit of it, and I think I would feel bad if I ever done it to JK or KT.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with situations, WHAT DO YOU DO? What discipline and rules do you use at home?

Monday, 19 July 2010


My baby girl Is teething!! She is still sleeping through until morning but during the day is a little grump! I have tried everything to ease the pain from her lumpy gums, calpol, bonjela I've even tried gving her a baby tooth brush to bite on which I used for when my son was teething but nothing seems to work with KT.
With the summer being here, I have started buying icepoles during my weekly shop.NOt thinking KT could have them but for my son and his friends. KT saw JK with his and was checking it out! I soon gave her an un opened one to bite on one day when she wouldn't stop moaning and touching her gums, she stopped crying instantly!
Now everytime she is teething I reach for the ICEPOLES giving her half at a time.

A cheap teething tole which works wonders for red swollen gums!! It has also help her burst the gums for the tooth to come through!!

What have use used when baby is teething? Have you found any alternative to the over the counter products??

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Thank you

I would just like to take the time and thank my fellow followers. I look forward to getting to know use and reading your blogs. I'm still fairly new to all this and still have my training wheels on but I am getting there. . . Finally!!

Thanx guys x x ~<3 x x

Thursday, 15 July 2010

wee JK

This is my little lad JK, got a few photos on here of my little princess but none of JK, so here he goes. . .

new hair!!

I have just found thee most perfect way to have fab hair. . . ALWAYS!!

Being a busy mum with two kids, i find it hard to find time in the morning to get myself ready. I often just pull my hair back in a bobble and GO!!

I have always been one to wear make up, and have my hair perfect but having a 3year old and a 1year old ITS IMPOSSIABLE to look GLAM!!


looking on Ebay i found a clip in ponytail adding instant volume and glam!! it creates an instant, perfect looking ponytail. simply tie ur own hair back into a bobble and place the hair piece over your own hair when made into a bun, pull the cord to tighten, add grips to hold in place. i can be washed real easy, just with a little luke warm water and a SMALL ammount of youre fav shampoo and simple hang up to dry!!
can be worn high or low! no fuss, no mess, no hassle!!
For mummys out there that simply dont have time like i do, this product is DEFO worth buying! it will make you feel confident and will defo get heads turning LOL!! My hair is really short when tied back and doesnt have much volume but with this the transformation is amazing! Even my parnter commented on my hair for the first time EVER!!

i found this product on ebay by typing in "clip in ponytail" theres lots of diffrentcolours and styles to choose from, i chose one with curls as ive always dreamed of having nice bouncy curly hair. . . . . NOW I CAN!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The rest is still unwritten. . .: Jordan a.k.a Katie Price

The rest is still unwritten. . .: Jordan a.k.a Katie Price: "i was thinking what to write for my first blog and after reading my weekly magazine NEW! I have chosen to write about Katie Price or soon to..."

baby brown eyes

This is my little princess KT. . .

ST MORIZ (fake tan)

ST MORIZ. . . st tropez rival!!!
I have been a lover of fake tan for quite sometime now and have tried most of the products out. I have also found if you dont spend good money on one you tend to go an orangey un natrual colour too!!
Whilst out shopping the other day i came across ST MORIZ!! i have heard a few ppl talk about it and have said they swear by it!! WELL, NOW I DO TOO!!
I have compared the ingreds to the ever so expensive ST TORPEZ and are more a less the same!! ST MORIZ retails from around £2.50 and can be bought in HOME BARGINS, SAVERS, SEMI CHEM AND MANY MORE
As you apply the tan u can see where you are putting it so no white patches, LOL!! ITS IDIOT PROOF!!! unlike othere tans the ST MORIZ doesnt have a horrid biscuits like smell and it drys in less than half and hour.
It can be bought in either a mousse or spray and having tryed both i would recommend the mousse as the spray does make quite a mess.
To apply please use GLOVES OR TAN MITT, spray one pump on ur arm and in UPWARDS strokes mix into ur arm. i find upwards strokes works best as going in circles will leave you with streaks!! when doing my arms i leave out my elbows and at the end with a make up sponge i lightly dab it on around my elbows, leaving my tan looking flawless. ( i hope) LOL!! i do the same with my legs missing out my feet and knees and again use a make up sponge to apply it to those ruff areas.
ST MORIZ made my skin feel soft and smooth and is a fantastic product!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Fisher price, bouncy zebra!!

The fisher price bouncy zebra is a fun and exciting toy for babies and younger kids
After seeing it advertised and reading the reviews I was keen to get one for little Kt.
When I saw the price it did put me of it a little bit and decided to go looking for one on eBay! After weeks of not finding a second hand one my friend LOU offered to give me hers, I was really excited about getting one for FREE and was even more e cited to see little KT playing on it! There was such a buzz when the toy first came out I thought KT will have hours of fun playing with it!

The black and White zebra is like a kids version of the bucking bronko, when baby sits on it they can bouncy up and down or spin round in circles! The music it plays however isn't very exciting and doesn't really encourage KT to come over and play with it, thts the only thing we found wrong with it, but we put on her kids cd and she bouncys away till her hearts content.

The fisherprice toys are known for it's bright and exciting colours which baby loves! We have a few toys from fisher price and love the products that wee have. The only thig I have to say about the zebra which disapointed me was the boring music but the positives out way that and the fisher price bouncy zebra is a great buy and keeps baby happy for many hours! Even my 3year old son loves it aswell!!

You can buy this toy from most retailers, Argos, mothercare, toys r us!! And retails from abot £40 to £50. It's a present and Will last for a long time!

Thank you for taking the time and reading my blog! Please feel free to comment and let me k ow what u think of the product x x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

spare time!!

SPARE TIME... whats that? Mummy of two means that i dont have alot of free time, with Jk at nursery now i have a spare few hours before i have to pick him up again. He goes in the afternoon 12.30 till 3PM and is only a 5min walk from where we live. KT goes for a nap about 1 oclock so i tend to come home and let her sleep which restricts me to the house so i find myself either doing housework or cooking.
I have started going out power walking which is great because it means that KT can have her nap in her buggy whilst i get back into shape. The walking has rewaly helped me get back into shape after havin KT and although i am far from my size 10 goal i am happy that i can now fit into my size 12 jeans again.
i have been thinking of going to a weight lose class with my friend LOU but im unsure and think that i am doing okay on my own.i quess going to the group will not only give me the suport that i need but will give me weight loss targets each week. i must admit that i am finding it hard to lose the last little bit of my "jelly belly" and walking and countless sit ups arnt really kicking it! im not a member of the gym and i refuse to pay for a membership and fitness DVDS at home well... kids running around and eastenders always seems better to watch LOL! :D
SO.. i think i will go and give it a wee bash see how i get on, meeting new people sounds good aswell and im sure there will be plenty of people with stories to tell of there weight lose journey too. WILL KEEP USE UPDATED ON HOW I GET ON!!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Jordan a.k.a Katie Price

i was thinking what to write for my first blog and after reading my weekly magazine NEW! I have chosen to write about Katie Price or soon to be Mrs. Reid!! i find myself always turning to which page she is on first to read what crazy and exciting things they have writen about her, i cant help but want to know whats going on or what shes going to do next. I mean lets face it shes hardly out the papers or making daily headlines its hard not to read them.

Katie is due to get married AGAIN but this time as you all know is to Mr Alex Reid, she vows to do things diffrently this time around in this relationship and even change her name to Katie Reid. she also said that she wants a total diffrent wedding this time around and is NOT doing ANY magazine deals, BUT.. She is letting her ITV2 crew record it for her show!! As she is a business women there is no denying that they will be paying some (MOST) of the big do!
The women has been married twice to Pete, who can forget that "fairy tail" horrid wedding and secondly they also renewed there vows whilst away a romantic holiday, she is currently married to alex in which they went to vegas and shocked us all.... now she is having ANOTHER wedding!!! so i am very interested in watching her show to see how diffrent this 4th wedding will be!!

i mean what about the kids? how must they feel about all of this, it surley cant be good for them always having camera crews around and even more so scary for them when in the car with there mother they are being chased by P A P S or getting blinded by the flashes... Katie Price is a busy women as it is , why make herself more busy and go planning another wedding! she should be spending what little time she has with the kids and bonding with them.

What do you think? do you like to read about her? what do you think of her living her life in the papers? is this good for her kids?

please comment... my first blog!! LOL hope i done OKAY :D

new to blogging. . .

hello all and welcome to my bare blog LOL im new to this so bare with me and ill soon have more things up for you to have a read at. . . .