Monday, 5 July 2010

Fisher price, bouncy zebra!!

The fisher price bouncy zebra is a fun and exciting toy for babies and younger kids
After seeing it advertised and reading the reviews I was keen to get one for little Kt.
When I saw the price it did put me of it a little bit and decided to go looking for one on eBay! After weeks of not finding a second hand one my friend LOU offered to give me hers, I was really excited about getting one for FREE and was even more e cited to see little KT playing on it! There was such a buzz when the toy first came out I thought KT will have hours of fun playing with it!

The black and White zebra is like a kids version of the bucking bronko, when baby sits on it they can bouncy up and down or spin round in circles! The music it plays however isn't very exciting and doesn't really encourage KT to come over and play with it, thts the only thing we found wrong with it, but we put on her kids cd and she bouncys away till her hearts content.

The fisherprice toys are known for it's bright and exciting colours which baby loves! We have a few toys from fisher price and love the products that wee have. The only thig I have to say about the zebra which disapointed me was the boring music but the positives out way that and the fisher price bouncy zebra is a great buy and keeps baby happy for many hours! Even my 3year old son loves it aswell!!

You can buy this toy from most retailers, Argos, mothercare, toys r us!! And retails from abot £40 to £50. It's a present and Will last for a long time!

Thank you for taking the time and reading my blog! Please feel free to comment and let me k ow what u think of the product x x

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