Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Babycakes says. . . .

Today I have decided to write a wee blog about the new words my beautiful daughter KT aged 15month has starting to say. Kt has always been quick with learning new things, she was crawling at 4 months, started cruising at 7 months, she was walking a month later so it's sure to say she a little explorer. Her little character has really started to shine recently and is a little girl full of life and already wanting to do everything on her own. She a very confident bright little girl and has now starting talking c(:
When my son Jk was her age he had his own little words and phrases only I could understand and now I wished I had written them all down to show when he was older.
So this is what's inspired me to write this blog today.

The wise words of a 15month princess. .

Jack ( her big bro)
Katie ( points to herself and says taty)
Yes ( she nods her head and says Sss)
Poles ( opens the freezer wanting an Icepole, Lol)
Juice ( katies shouts JUUU..!! )
Beep beep ( pushes her nose saying ee ee)
Mmwwahh ( blows a kiss )

Only to name a few, she's doing really well and it is a good giggle listening to her blab away. She's good at understanding things we say to her too which is really cute. She has this Barney bear which sings.. I love you, you love me were a happy family! You know the rest. Anyway I say to Kt "where's Barney?" and she goes and finds him. If you ask her if she's going for a bath she starts stripping her clothes of and stands infront of the stair gate trying to pull it of it wall to get upstairs. She's so funny and each day is a different new exciting adventure.
I'm a proud mummy and I have one wonderful daughter.