Monday, 26 July 2010

Method Laundry detergent. . .

. . . Another free sample!! :)

I'm fast becoming a sucker for sniffing out free samples, Lol! That's two this week!! Today I was sent some 'fresh air' Method Landry Detergent to try.
If you haven't heard of them before they are a small team of passionate people that make Eco- friendly home care products that are safe for the planet and enjoyable for people. Method isn't just about cleaning up your home and body; it's about cleaning up the way we clean. They see a World where toxic chemicals aren't necessary to make you're home spotless - there entire line of products are made with non- toxic biodegradable ingredients that clean like heck and smell like heaven.
All of there bottles are made from recycled plastic too!!

What I thought about it. . .
I'm crazy about making my house smell amazing, I have plug-INS all around my house and also secented candles dotted Round the place too, I love raining days when I can dry my clothes on the radiators and fill my house full of my lovely washing powder smell, crazy I may be... But I love my house and clothes smelling perfect! So today I tried out my new 'fresh air sample' I have to say it smells great, easy to use one hand washing! It has a pump on the top to squirt it into the drawer 4 pumps = 1 wash
I had a few of KTs bibs in there too which were covered in that awfull orangey red stain you can never get out!! Crossing my fingers I put on my mashine, hoping the new detergent would smell great and I wouldn't have to wash them again, Lol!!
Mmm.... Washing done and clothes smell FAB!! Even KTs stained bib had faded alot more than my normal detergent.
The detergent has got new smart clean technloogy that seeks out dirt and stains!! I didn't believe it untill I tried it myself, Perfect! My towels were also nice and soft and left my clothes smelling really fresh and clean.

The bottles are small but mighty! Its no bigger than a normal sized bottle of fairy liquid, great for the environment, greener 95% plant based, biodegradable formula, ultra concentrated for 35% smaller carbon footprint.

Can be bought now in tescos and sainsburys and soon coming to waitrose and homebase in august, they do have a handy store finder on there website, and can also sign up for there newlettwr and free samples of products too. They have a great range of products from washing powder to hand wash . Have a look and give them a try :)

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