Friday, 2 July 2010

Jordan a.k.a Katie Price

i was thinking what to write for my first blog and after reading my weekly magazine NEW! I have chosen to write about Katie Price or soon to be Mrs. Reid!! i find myself always turning to which page she is on first to read what crazy and exciting things they have writen about her, i cant help but want to know whats going on or what shes going to do next. I mean lets face it shes hardly out the papers or making daily headlines its hard not to read them.

Katie is due to get married AGAIN but this time as you all know is to Mr Alex Reid, she vows to do things diffrently this time around in this relationship and even change her name to Katie Reid. she also said that she wants a total diffrent wedding this time around and is NOT doing ANY magazine deals, BUT.. She is letting her ITV2 crew record it for her show!! As she is a business women there is no denying that they will be paying some (MOST) of the big do!
The women has been married twice to Pete, who can forget that "fairy tail" horrid wedding and secondly they also renewed there vows whilst away a romantic holiday, she is currently married to alex in which they went to vegas and shocked us all.... now she is having ANOTHER wedding!!! so i am very interested in watching her show to see how diffrent this 4th wedding will be!!

i mean what about the kids? how must they feel about all of this, it surley cant be good for them always having camera crews around and even more so scary for them when in the car with there mother they are being chased by P A P S or getting blinded by the flashes... Katie Price is a busy women as it is , why make herself more busy and go planning another wedding! she should be spending what little time she has with the kids and bonding with them.

What do you think? do you like to read about her? what do you think of her living her life in the papers? is this good for her kids?

please comment... my first blog!! LOL hope i done OKAY :D

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  1. Welcome to Blogsville!
    Great to be your first comment - I feel honoured!
    Katie Price/Reid,...!!! As you now know, the whole 'thing' is farcical. God bless her, an incredible business woman, no doubt, but she's oh so contrived and manipulative for my liking.But,it definitely works and keeps her on the front pages,....If only we were all as savvy!!
    (Go Team Andre!!)