Monday, 25 October 2010


I LOVE getting freebies and samples :)

I jumped into semi chem on Saturday afternoon to pick up a hair dye and a few wee buys n bobs. When I got to to till to pay for my items the check out assistant poped a little something extra in my bag, I said oh that's not mine and she replayed 'it's a free sample of cookies were giving away today' Fantastic!!

By the time I got home I had forgotten all about them until I stared unpacking. The packaging wasn't anything to fancy and didn't appeal to me at first so I sat them aside. Later that night I was on search for a late night snack about 9pm ( abot late to be eating before bed) I then stumbbled across my free cookies! I opened the packet and started reading the packet, The cookies were from Scottish slimmers and a mouthwatering apple and cinnamon flavour and music to my ears only 89 calories! Perfect... :)

So thank you semi chem for
My free sample of cookies even if I was abit offened they were for Scottish skimmers Lol teehee!! :)

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