Monday, 25 October 2010

. . . Bedtime storys

Bedtime stories has always been one of my best child hood memories. My Aunt who stays in Canada used to send me lots of new books for birthdays and Christmas. I've still got all my old books some are marked happy 3rd birthday me being 23 I've had the books over 20 years. I love reading to my son at bedtime as it beings back so many memories of when I was his age.

My favourite is the old classic 'The Billy Goats Gruff' Jack enjoys reading along and doing all the actions. Jacks favourite story is 'The Avacado Baby' he thinks the baby in the story is like his younger sister Katie. He said to me one day. . .
"Mummy is Katie the Avacado baby because she's so strong?
I fell down with laughter, I knew exactly what he ment! She has got some strength for a girl her age Lol! She climbed out her cot the other day and can very easily break out the straps on her pram too. Some girl!!

Were always looking for new storys and new adventures to explore our Neighbour gave us one of there books to read, 'The Gruffalo' we loved it and is now on Jacks Santa list Lol :) there's so many new gadgets out on the Market just now to help kids learn to read and it's a great way to encourage you're child too read books. We've got a leap frog one for jacks Christmas so I'll do another blog once we've tested it out.

Another alternative to bedtime stories is believe it or not is YouTube! I've got an iPhone and sometimes to give mummy a break from reading I click on my phone cuddle upto jack and let the phone do the talking.

Here's a link for use to try out, jack and I will be snuggling up tonight ready to listen to our bedtime story. . . Will you?

Please let me know you're bedtime story favourites and jack and I can check them out to!

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