Saturday, 4 June 2011

Rockstar mummy

Hey guys :) I started playing guitar about 9 months ago now, couldn't even play it when I got it! But 9months on and now I have started up a YouTube page of my progress, would love it if you could check me out and rate or comment on my progress :)

I'm not the best of singers but I gave it a bash an it sounds not to bad Lol

I got my guitar from a friend but recently got a new one for my birthday which was May19th and I've been playing it non stop since I got it :) Musical Gene runs in my family, I've always had a keen intreats in music and can play many instruments from the piano to the trumpet from the saxophone to the violin.
I won loads of awards and comps when I was at school, I came 1st out of all the schools in Ayrshire for young musician of the year, I was the youngest scot to win three years in a row at the burns music award aswell!
My Papa (my mums dad) was in a band when he was younger he played guitar and sang, he inspired me to start learning guitar. Also my mum and younger sister both play trumpet and saxophone and when younger my mum also won 1st for young musician of the year the same cup that I won and both our names are on the cup! Never got to keep it tho Lol

Anyway here's my YouTube link.....

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