Sunday, 30 January 2011

quick wee beauty tip for us mums :)

Do you normally purchase expensive pore cleansing strips to remove blackheads from youre nose? Save your money! Because the answer could be hiding in youre childs arts and craft box!! YES.. arts and craft box :) multi purpose glue can truely be multi purpose and can be used to remove blackheads from your nose. Many of us played with as children by covering our hands with the stuff and peeling it of once it was dry. The same conceptcan be used to remove those horrid blackheads without the need of expensive products :)

things you will need: Multi purpose glue, safe or non toxic or white PVA glue

always try alittle glue on a small area first to make sure there are no skin alegries or reactions to the product.

step two

wash your face with some soap thoroughly to help maximizw the removal of blackheads. dry.

step three

apply and even layer of glue over your nose and be sure to extend past the crease onto your cheek. Be sure to cover areas with the most visible blackheads.

step four

Allow ther glue to completely dry; 15-20 mins. Do not touch youre nose or wiggle it durignthe drying process.

step five once dry, peel the glue from the bottom near the cheek and away from the face. Peel slowly to pull the entire layer of glue without tearing. Take a look at the layer of glue, once removed, and you will see the dirt removed from your skin.

step six

wash your face again to remove any remaining glue.

I have tried this and it works much better than the expensive products, if you have trouble just using the glue and have a large problem area try using a little bit of sticky tape after the glue has dried and leave it on for another 5mins, peel it of and have a look!!

For a lovley youthfull glow give it a try and pass it on :)

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  1. I love alternatives like this, but how on earth do you discover that glue is a good alternative in the first place for blackheads!!